email He had to admit, it was true. The counselor suggested a better use of his skill set was a completely different path all together. Downing recalled a conversation with the counselor: He said, Have you ever considered business management? Along with his strong math background, the counselor saw business management as an occupation that would play to all of his strong suits. That revelation was somewhat of a turning point for Downing. Going forward, no matter how varied the business opportunity or job, he began to look at all of the components that go into making a business or venture a successful one. He likens it to being the center hub of a bicycle wheel with all of the components of a business surrounding him at the end of each spoke. Knowing how each component operates and works with each other is the job of the person in the middle, the business manager. Hes worn a lot of professional hats over the years, and he’s worked for different companies. Hes found the principles of business are the same. careerHe says every business has a template.

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