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The total bail amount was boosted to more than $1.7 million after a different judge in Las Vegas set bail for Alonso Perez at slightly more than $100,000 on separate charges of assault with a weapon, shooting into a building and domestic battery from incidents in June and July, according to court records. Defense attorney Julia Murray said Thursday that Perez plans to plead not guilty and probably will be unable to post bail. Police Chief Alexander Perez told reporters Wednesday it was the first time in his 25-year police career that a suspect handcuffed inside a department office managed to break the cuffs and escape. The suspect was still wearing ankle chains and the broken cuff on his right wrist when he dropped from the police station ceiling into a hallway, exited through a door and stole a work truck left idling in a nearby parking lot, the chief said. truck, emblazoned with a rental company name, was recovered a few hours later abandoned in a neighborhood several miles east of downtown Las Vegas. Alonso Perez, 25, was re-arrested in an apartment late Tuesday not far from where the truck was found, the police chief said. He was no longer wearing the handcuff and the ankle chain. In North Las Vegas, where the suspect is accused of killing Mohammed Robinson outside the restaurant, he also faces charges including shooting into a building, escape, auto theft, armed robbery and conspiracy. Chief Alexander Perez said his department is conducting an internal investigation to uncover the mistakes that allowed the suspect to escape. He said he has already mandated constant viewing of security camera video of people left alone in interview. “Someone will monitor the video at all times,” he said.

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